Save the Whales


For my art, I choose to base my art off the artist Aaron Glasson and Katelyn Arquette. My art is called Save the Whales because people kill them for their blubber and oil and that’s why I put the oil dripping down the top. my art represents a whale in a happy place but then it gets killed for their oil.

Rotoiti camp 2k16


I was standing on the top deck of the boat, the wind elevating us and pushing us from side to side, I was so excited for camp to begin.

As soon as we arrived at camp we rushed to our cabin trying to get the best bed. I got the only single bed in the room next to the window so I had the hot sun on my bed all day.

Before we went on camp we got put into teams here was mine.

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With this team, we did all the activities together. On the first full day, we had different activities to do. the first one was group initiatives and that was things like working together and getting to know one and other. Another thing that we did the day was the flying kiwi.

How you would do it is. one person is harnessed in at the bottom of a hill and the rest of your team were at the top holding a rope connected to you, then they would run down the hill and you would be pulled up on the rope about 10 metres high.

The next day week went the day walk, it was about 4 hours long up to whisky falls .


the track was very muddy our shoes got so dirty. there were 3 rivers to cross two were very small but the one just before the water falls was pretty big. On the way across I was fine,but on the way back across I was about half way across and my foot slipped on a rock and I fell in.

On the last day, we did a bunch of team activities and challenges. each person in your team did a different challenge. I had to do the waltz but I guess it wasn’t that bad. Camp was so much fun and I made so great memories with some pretty amazing people. It was an amazing experience and I ‘m really gonna miss it.

Russia and the Olympics

For homework I chose to write about an article on the russians at the  Rio Olympic games.

The artical is

Here’s a quick summary, because of Russia’s track and field athletes have been banned from the Olympic Games they decided to make there own games called ‘Stars 2016’. Around 135 athletes will compete at Moscow’s Znamensky Brothers Stadium on Thursday. All the track and field athletes from Russia who were ment to participate in the olympics are competing in this but not only that, to increase competition, the tournament will also include athletes not originally selected in Russia’s 68-strong squad.

I don’t think this a good idea because the athletes still will be taking the drugs. But the good thing is now the Olympics can be a fare played event.  What do you think, do you think the Russians would have been banned in the first place? Do you think the ‘star games’ is a good idea? Leave your comments below and tell me what you think.

review of the first half of the year

I think the first half of the year has gone really well, at the start I was’t to sure how things would go being in the new block but now I’m really enjoying it. I also felt like I was really stepping out of my comfort zone and being with different people.

I have made lots of new friends and I feel I have learn’t so much. I think i have really improved in all subjects and I can help other people when they need it.

I have really enjoyed the first half of the year  and can’t wait for the rest of the year.

100 WC homework

I had a bazar dream last night I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see, I have a big imagination so things would get pretty crazy. It would be like the future, flying cars root servants and houses made of candy. Like a world of my own. I would have 10 arms and legs and wheels for feet. Oh also my bed would be made of jelly. The rain would be made of marshmallows and snow would be ice cream. But I’d watch it so didn’t get fat. But that’s just me and my Imagination.

100 word challenge

It was early Monday morning and my little brother had eaten his dodgy yellow baby food but most of it had fallen on the ground so I swept the floor. I still had to my violin practise and my homework. My private aeroplane was coming in a hour to pick me up.

Oh my name is stephanie James you might think I have a normal life but no, I am a teenage undercover spy at only 14 working for a secret agent in north carolina. You can’t tell anyone not even your best friend.  Can I get your word for it?

100 Word Challenge

I was in the middle of nowhere, it was like a whistle blew and everyone disappeared.  Just a deserted land of nothing. I just walked around aimlessly not knowing where to go or what to do.  Then suddenly I heard a noise. A short sharp scream of some sort.  But  this was an empty land and no one had been here for several years, this made no sense. i searched around but I couldn´t hear the noise anymore. My heart was pounding faster then light as I look around a boulder and then I saw it big bold and beautiful.

blogging homework

This weekend I went on holiday to Raetihii, there were 40 people there and it was so much fun.  Each year we have a new theme last year was Mexican and this year was Bollywood.

Some people bought henna and so i chose to get better at that. The henna was so cool but when it was drying it was very common to smug it. I did some on myself and some on other people and I do think I got better.

student blogging challenge final post

My blog evaluation.

How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?                                                                                                        On my revolver map I received 64 visits  so far.  I have gotten many comments from over seas and commented lots on other peoples blog. A teacher called Kirsten Tschofen  has commented a few times and I have replyed.

How many posts did you write?                                                                             This year I have done 15 post so far some at school and some at home.

Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened? The Katy Perry Disaster I think it got the most comments because it is a very exciting post and most of the comments say how upset they would be if it happened to them.

How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough? I have 12 widgets and i think that is enough. The things i used were  and just other things you get on edublog widgets.


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